Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Series

Ive been working on a new series of work Incorporating Form and mindless nonsense and the outcome is rather pleasing. I start with nothing, Slowly add form till I find a design that I like and usually make it explode into nonsense. The girl I planned on the character first then had nothing, while the monk started with nonsense and finished with form. Got an Idea of what I should do next?

Crystal Monster

Another quick monster sketch at work....kinda looks like he has a crystal dong. Def. did not do that intentionally.

Work Ogre

On some downtime at work I busted out this mean ol' Ogre....I will prolly color this bad boy soon. Ill let you all know how he turns out.

More Fun on the Ipad

Sketched, Inked and colored on the ipad. Its like having endless paint, paper and brushes at your fingertips so much fun. I still haven't figured out what this creature is though. a 3 eyed bat/hare Monk maybe?

Sketch Night with the YARK

Covered a table with brown paper. Had a few adult beverages and drew until our fingers Bled. Twas a Great Night. I also drew an owl skateboarding and Yark and some great stuff, I post some other stuff later.

Digital Platapus

Quick Sketch that I threw on the ipad and colored with Colors! fun easy program I recommend to use. plus its free.... and great.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More character designs and paintings


Drawing I did for my coffee mug pretty lovely.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

buddha smoking a hookah

asked a friend of mine what i should draw.....Jon told me a buddha with a hookah... i didn't wanna draw the classic fat laughing buddha because they are too decent to smoke a hookah....instead i drew a girl buddha mainly seen in Tibetan philosphy and def. not so scantily clad....well artistic license right?

Grape ape on a Grey ghost

i drew the grey ghost first.....but it felt so lonely, i couldn't decide who should be riding i thought of the most akward thing that would ride was a purple gorilla.


symmetry just works so well.i need to color him but haven't chosen a good color yet.


just playing around on the ol' pad

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Theta Wolf

third eye wolf. he knows all: past, present and what's going down on saturday night.

gremlin of peace.

title says it all. i wish i did more of a background but it will have to do. kinda reminds me of peace frogs  but with a ding-a-ling

spirit removal

ive always wanted to do a drawing where someone is removing their spirit guide, although this person turned into a one eyed bat creature and his spirit guide is a 6 eyed lizard im still pretty proud of how it turned out. .......bravo self, bravo

Hobo with a knife

i never finished this one but i think its as close as it will ever be.  he still needs a monster bush and cross on his chain but ill let it slide.

Paddle fink

after spending some quality time on my paddle board i figured id do a ratfink esq drawing...i dont think anyone has ever done one on a


You know i was trying to create an alien/monster hybrid but after my girl told me it looked like and evil vagina monster thats all i can see now.......damn

whiskey drunk

quick coloring of an older drawing.......he's kinda got a badonkadonk

Saturday, April 21, 2012

love me sum Halo

master chief Pin-up....looks like someone has a little Captain in him.

Technicolor Wizard

Recipe For a techincolor wizard:.........Start with a funky background that gradually changes color....(note that any colors can be used) add a dash of magic and a pinch of love, then stir with a magic wand and there you go! Techinicolor wizard!

The seductress

Old drawing i did about a year ago but i liked the i threw it up in drawcast and came up with this bad boy...errr bad girl?

Tree Shurt design

Shurt Design i did for a local company...I really enjoy it but i wish they let me color it digitally and not use the first colored pencil mock up i did. but whatcha gonna do its not too shabby.

Yeti exercise

Yeti's need exercise too you know? and what better way than to run wild through the jungle with track shorts?

William Richerson the third

A skull with eyeballs......... simple drawing done in drawcast on the ipood

Brain burst!

I was helping a friend come up with a new logo, when my head suddenly cracked and blew apart just as i found a good idea.

Alien Centaur

I was wondering if we humans have mythology about human and horse hybrids? is it possible that aliens as well have stories of such beings?


This is my plundering outlaw......not gonna lie i kinda based him off of a certain famous cowboy director

Sunday, January 8, 2012

reworked fem portrait.

Originally drawn on a label when I was i at work. I finally got to finish it! I like how easy it is to color any picture you have. onto the next!

Friday, January 6, 2012


drawn on lined paper....... finished in Drawcast .....hehe never seen a hog in briefs.

multi colored skull

playing around with drawcast on my ipood .....I rather like this program, its like photoshop i need more practice I do so believe.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mad Monster Monk

A monk who has studied a bit too much of the dark arts....when he begins to practise he turns into this dastardly figure.

nurse with a bone arm.

i was given a drawoff to make a zombie nurse.....i failed.....she just an amputee with a bone prosthetic.

I hope this is jelly.

it was blood.


Merry christmas children... guess what if your a bad kid in some european countries like Austria, you dont get presents from ol' saint nick..... instead you get visited by this beast who will terrify you and may even snatch you up and take you to his house in a basket.

wolf with a sword......wereswordsman

i was trying to make a badass viking......but then i realized ive done so many of i did a werewolf....which ive done too many as well.

undead design

simple undead tattoo design

chick ina wolf suit.

who wouldn't want one?

Bernie Bronsen and his Big Beautiful Blue Blazer.

Ok so its more or less a kimono or some samurai get-up but i needed it to begin with b or it would be no fun......This guy is just a simple character and i couldn't decide what to make him wear so i just started automatically doing patterns and designs.

falling bliss and the bird that cried bullshit.

Cutout watercolor placed in a clear glass frame. I did a couple of these they look pretty slick with a light against them that makes some strong contrasting shadows. Plus you cant go wrong with birds that can talk.

Fun in the sun saw.

I guess i just miss I decided to draw a self portrait of me this summer.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kalheed Ul'datt

Uruguayan War prince ....At an early age his body is fused with a parasite that takes up residence in his stomach making him a very formidable opponent

Thursday, May 5, 2011

lone wolf samurai

read the title! its a samurai wearing a wolf's head!

mucha inspiration

first draft of my own mucha....i was considering to make it a poisoned apple but that may be too much

Blue lobster!

from what im told only 1 in 2 billion lobsters are born blue rare among there species i decided that id draw one!